Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too much news to little time

There is a lot of news out there that I would like to comment on, hmmm excuse me, to scream about and ramble on. But at the present time, I don't have a lot of time. My wife and I are awaiting the birth of our second child, any day now, and that is why I don't have much time to write. Unfortunately it is not like I will have a lot of time after he is born to ramble either, but I hope to get a post in here at least once a week.

Please leave a comment if you read through these and have anything to say.

Still waiting for the big news from the obama admin. as to who the NASA director will be. I'm not holding my breath, I think we're stuck in LEO for the next four years.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is America Doing?

In an article on Scientific America
Iran claims to have launched a satellite into space. With Iran’s stated purpose, and Iran’s true desires set aside, this launch is truly disquieting.

This launch by Iran of a satellite, which shows that they are building a space program of there own, should be disquieting to all Americans. But not for the reasons of National security or the threat of Iran gaining a nuclear bomb and sitting it atop a space capable rocket. It should be alarming because it shows in dramatic fashion America’s complacency with its space program.

1957 – sputnik is launched and the space race between America and Russia is on.
1958 – The U.S. launches its own satellite and catches up with Russia.
1959 – Russia puts a craft on the surface of the moon.
1961 – Russia puts a man in space, merely 3 years after the first satellite is launched.
1961 – A month later, America sends their first astronaut into space.
1964 – America puts a craft on the surface of the moon.
1969 – America lands on the Moon.
1972 – America’s last mission to the moon.

What have we done since? Not very much, we have given a lot of technology away. We have stood by and watched, and in some instances helped others gain space.

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Ray Gun Revival has published this months issue, and it has the story I wrote “Terror Ride to Work”.

You can find Ray Run Revival at The issue is currently on the front page.

Issue #50, check it out.