Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a sell

Well the time spent in front of a computer, reading and re-reading, proofing, critiquing, and second guessing myself have paid off. The pay day will not allow me to quit my day job, but never-the-less I can say that I'm a published writer.

I have a story that will be published in the E-Zine Ray Gun Revival . It hasn't posted yet, but when it does I will notify everyone I know, and mention it prominently here on this blog.

But even though I am not in the current issue online or any of the archives, I would encourage anyone that happens to read this blog to check out there website, for excellent golden age science fiction.

Check back soon, hopefully I have more news to share.


Phy said...

Hi, Robert,
We currently have your story slated for the January issue, and are looking forward to sharing it with everyone!

Robert Evans said...

Thanks for the update.