Thursday, December 18, 2008

The dreadful Obazy and all his Zombie subjects

As the political juggernaut of the election circus ground to an end, and the Electoral College cast their votes in the District of Columbia, I sat back fearing to exhale for the uncertainty that a new presidency and new party will bring to Washington.

The top of my fear was that science and science fiction would take a back seat over the next four years. And to this end I would see it harder and harder to sell stories, or to find stories to read myself that were of good quality.

Suddenly, I let out my breath and realized things weren’t as bad as I had thought, in fact I was at once excited about what the future held, a kernel of hope popped in my head, hope like a stale rally cry, I saw something more than just a change political parties? I saw a world full of political intrigue, the central intelligence agency run unchecked throughout the world, Blackwater pulling the strings of third world countries, the dead walking the surface of the world. I realized that I was not about to embark on four bleak years, but I was paying witness to the beginning of a season of change, and not just a slight change but a drastic one, an earth shattering one. I was watching the birth of a new venue in science fiction, and horror, I was witnessing the dawn of the dreadful Obazy and all his zombie subjects.

Every administration has its cross to bear and that will be no different with the incoming administration. I look forward to hearing more about Obazy and his zombies, I hope to see Saturday Night Live pick up on “Obazy” (you can say you heard if here first), and do skits - Obazy taking a drag of his cigarette before sending his minions to suck the life out of companies – Obazy lurching across a field of arms and legs to board Marine One under a banner of peace – Obazy reaching out to shake hands with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad only to walk away his arm still firmly in the grasp of Ahmadinejad wearing a disgusted and horrified stare.

I hope over the next four years we are treated to more zombie movies mixing science fiction and humor, it seems it would be most appropriate for the time.

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