Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A postponed decision can be far more damaging than a bad decision

During times of instability and (I cringe at the word I?m about to use) change, it is crucial for administrations such as NASA to have a leader in place. This is one of the reasons the president upon taking office makes his nominations for critical posts immediately. This gives congress the time it needs to approve or deny the request, and if it is denied for the President to make another nomination.

When critical organizations have a leader in place, it maintains stability, shows the importance of that organization, and enables it to have a voice.

The question must be asked, why hasn?t obama put forth a nomination for the NASA director? Unless he wants to undermine the stability of the organization, show to all Americans and the world that NASA is of little importance to him and his administration, and wants their voice silenced.

NASA has already been damaged by obama?s lack of character and true colors, in not picking someone to head up the organization. He has effectively kept NASA out of staking a claim during the budget hearings at congress.

I fear that obama does not care at all about NASA and what it does. He doesn?t understand how many jobs are created by a robust space program. He doesn?t understand the benefits we gain from the science done by a manned space program. All obama sees is an organization with a large budget that he can tap into for social programs.

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