Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What ever happened to....

I remember playing with two friends on the playground at school sometime in 1970's, it was after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the three of us were determined to become astrounauts. We played astrounauts on the school yard and in our hearts. When we were asked what we wanted to do when we got older, it was always to become an astrounaut, it was an overpowering dream.

Today it has been over 30 years since we have last set foot on the moon. NASA still has astrounaust. But I don't hear kids playing or dreaming of becoming astrounauts. Space has lost its alure, kids, and with them the adults, have lost their dreams of going to the stars.

Was it the end of the space program that killed the dreams? Or did too much science fact muddle up what was a fertile breading gound of dreams during the golden age of Science Fiction.

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